Reaper Pocket Clip Prybar

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The Pocket Clip Prybar-Reaper is  the perfect addition to your everyday carry gear! Laser cut from 3/16" stainless steel it was originally designed for first responders by first responders. After field-testing we redesigned the standard bar due to a need for a compact and easily accessible unit that could withstand the wear and tear both on and off duty. Essentially it is a blade saver, utilized for anything your knife could not or should not do!

The integrated clip works great for carrying on your belt or pocket will weave perfectly molle webbing for tactical gear, designed for rapid release and a secure hold. Redefining a classic for any outdoorsman, hiker, prepper, craftsman or first responder.  It is a great everyday carry you will not want to leave home without it!

Tool: The hex-insert holds a standard ¼ inch screwdriver bit. There is a laser engraved ruler on the back perfect for small spaces not always easily accessable. 

*We can engrave your logo into the prybars for wholesale or private distribution, please contact us via email at for a complete quote.