Warrior Line Military Green Hat Patch Combo

  • Warrior Line Military Green Hat Patch Combo

Black Tactical hat made with hook and loop rectangle on the front (2" x 3"), name plate area on the back (1" x 5"), and IR patch panel on top of the cap (1"x 1").

Material: .125” Aluminum, Laser Engraved Moral Patch

Size: 2in x 3in

Mounting: Velcro

Our aluminum, laser engraved morale patches are made from scratch, in Katy, TX. We start with 4’ x 8’ sheets of .125” aluminum on our CNC Plasma Table to cut our blanks. Every patch gets hand prepped and is then tumbled with ceramic media for 4 hours to create a durable finish. Next, they get laser engraved, cleaned, and meticulously hand painted by our dedicated team members. Finally, we apply heavy duty Velcro and BAM, Metallic Morale Patches!