Wisconsin- WI Bottle Opener Keychain

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Material: 14 gauge Stainless Steel

Size: 2” Pendant

The Pocket Clip Keychain™ was designed to be used all day, every day. It clips onto the outside of your pocket, purse, backpack, MOLLE, belt, etc., while keeping your keys easily accessible. Just pinch and pull, and your keys come out with ease!

Our Pocket Clip Keychain™ is made from laser cut, 14 gauge stainless steel. The one-piece design ensures durability for a lifetime of everyday use. We tumble the blanks in ceramic media for 4 hours to create a rugged, wear resistant finish. Each unit goes through our 4 stage bending process, followed by laser engraving. Finally, our team meticulously paints each keychain by hand, resulting in a robust life tool, ready for action.